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Trying contact lenses for the first time?

Contact lenses

Discover our range of contact lenses in Downend

Contact Lenses

If you are looking for an alternative to your spectacles, then contact lenses might be ideal.


They are a great choice for sport and leisure use, but also just to stop the fogging up of your spectacles when wearing a mask!


Your lifestyle will impact on the type of lens that might be suitable. Our optometrists will carry out a thorough contact lens assessment, and give you advice on the best solution for you.

After the lens assessment, we will take you through putting lenses in and taking them out. 


We’ll make sure that you are confident in handling them before you take them home to try, and then will offer you a follow-up appointment to see how you are getting on.


Types of Contact Lenses

We are able to supply a wide range of contact lenses.


These vary from daily to monthly disposable lenses in different materials, from the most popular contact lens brands to more niche specialist lenses. This allows us to supply the lenses most suited to you. 

Our brands of contact lenses include Acuvue, CooperVision, and Bausch & Lomb

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